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Aug. 2, 2014
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  • PRINTTABLE the Affordable, Attractive IKEA Lack Table Hack to create a 3D Printer

    imho you might want to go with larger diameter guide rods or upgrade to block and track linear bearings. Wonderful project overall!!

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  • NeilRG commented on Solidus_Labs's instructable Improving 3D Printed Gears1 day ago
    Improving 3D Printed Gears

    I use these http://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-threaded-inserts/=14qfrpt

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  • NeilRG commented on axbm's instructable BLDC Motor Using PVC1 day ago
    BLDC Motor Using PVC

    Hey no need to apologize for not making the most efficient motor! You did well. The instructable was clear and well written. Some one looking for a good science fair project or teaching model would benefit from this.Here are some suggestions:Use hot glue instead of foam,less messy. Use washers on the bottom of the field support rods to reduce the size difference between the rod and coupling to make it easier to keep the rods straight.Fix the rotor to a shaft.Set bearings into the rotor support to make the motor able to drive something. No criticizim here, just a way to drive home the point if this is built for demo purposes.Thank you.

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  • NeilRG commented on PaulGetson's instructable Making Fractal Art With High Voltage1 day ago
    Making Fractal Art With High Voltage

    A welder is not likely to work as they are very high CURRENT but low voltage, the exact opposite of what is being demonstrated here.

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  • NeilRG commented on Make it Extreme's instructable Coil Engine (experiment)5 days ago
    Coil Engine (experiment)

    Would it suit your design objectives to use an external control scheme ? I'm thinking that if the "armature" mounted some Nd magnets and the commutator operated a polarity reversing relay feeding the coils and there were another set of coils on the opposite side.........Hmmmm.I noted that you took your welding ground thru the workbench when welding to the first wheel hub and then to the sprocket segments for the other welds . Did the workbench ground damage the bearings ?

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