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Neil Garrison
March 12, 2016
Hi, im 35 and am (at the time of writing this) a 3rd year student at my local JC working towards an AS in Industrial Electronics. Ive always wanted to make toys or electronic gadgetry. My time at college motivated me to pursue buildable ideas I would have never pursued before. A whole new world for me.
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  • Electromagnetic Mjolnir (From Thor's Hammer Prank)

    Tried the code again today and again the FPS zip library isn't being added to the Arduino list. I keep getting a "no valid library exists" error. Not finding much help online either. I tried to get the library from another source and was able to find one the Arduino would add, however when I tried to verify the code I got an #include "application.h" error. How do I add the FPS library if its not recognizing it as valid? Please someone respond.

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  • Electromagnetic Mjolnir (From Thor's Hammer Prank)

    Why does the conductak image show 9 wires connected to the arduino and the fritzing shows 8? The gnd wiring for the relay, fps and arduino look like they all cennect to the same arduino gnd pin in the fritz diagram as well. On a side note lipos really made it roomy. And im nixing the touch sensor power system, i used insulating varnish on the pipe opening and around the fps along with electrical tape for good measure. Crossing my fingers i get the wiring right.

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  • Neiljams commented on Samuel_Alexander's instructable Simple Distance Measuring Device3 months ago
    Simple Distance Measuring Device

    How can i get the LCD display to show the the distances more clearer? Mine seems to be pretty dark even with the 10k trim pot adjusted the best it can be.

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