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mclare503 years ago
i love your instructables!
NatNoBrains5 years ago
Neon Panda (author)  NatNoBrains5 years ago
Woo for us tea drinkers ;D
ha tea drinkers do you put a hint of blood in like me?
Neon Panda (author)  Dusk Shadows4 years ago
Haha I'm actually a coffee drinker, tea is dirty dishwater....
you got that correct but to vampires you can't taste very well so we could eat pie and think its vomit
Neon Panda (author)  Dusk Shadows4 years ago
Most pies do taste like vomit: )
yeah but i really like meat pies but that's about it ow and apple pie BTW vampires can eat whatever but it's just in our nature to drink blood and kill things
robot13985 years ago
vote for my instructable
happyjo5 years ago
Thanks for subbing (following) back!
Neon Panda (author)  happyjo5 years ago