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Sept. 30, 2016
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  • Net-Devil commented on bobyong808's instructable Phone GPS repair2 weeks ago
    Phone GPS repair

    Hi there. Well, sorry to say but my wife technically forbid me to further optimise the GPS antenna because I have kind of a habit to optimise things to death (FUBAR death).... so I just tried more sticky tape and as you said the case wasn't able to close correctly anymore and I guess the tension wouldn't exist otherwise to support the contacts. Two layers sticky tape was the max I could fit in there.Anyways, thanks again :-) I really enjoy tracking my position everywhere by now :-)

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  • Net-Devil commented on bobyong808's instructable Phone GPS repair3 weeks ago
    Phone GPS repair

    What a great tutorial dude ! Thanks a lot !Lately my GPS just went off completely and I was literally LOST ; like on the highway with 0 GPS information. Today I let myself be navigated through the woods with 10 of 21 (according to GPS Status). GORGEOUS !! Error rate of 2 meters!Do you think more sticky tape and even more foils could boost the connectivity to like 20 of 21 with error rate like 0,005 meters? Or is more not always better and 10 is still the best?

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