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Plasmana7 years ago
Hey Nevermind! Welcome to instructables! The world's bigg..... I don't think I need to repeat the same thing over again, I am sure gmjhowe told you every thing about instructables... Anyway, I am sort of an electronic engineer, mainly on high voltage, so if you have a problem with electronics, I am here. Oh, nice to meet you here on instructables!
FaqMan7 years ago
Just want to say hi and hope you enjoy the site.
leave comment on orangeboard if you want
daywalker427 years ago
Hi! welcome to the best site ever. I am one of the lowly gmjhowe fanboys hoping to ascend to the rank of regular :) I just can't seem to finish large projects, I hit a block and find small things to do...ANYWHO! sorry bout that. welcome, I hope the site is as awesome for you as it has been for me :)
if you want to ascent to the rank of regular, just comment daily. If you comment enough, you will be a master.
Nevermind (author)  daywalker427 years ago
Hey daywalker, thanks for the welcome!
KentsOkay7 years ago
Heck yah!! I'm not the only person around here who can read runes...
Nevermind (author)  KentsOkay7 years ago
>_< Your avatar is runic in origin
Nevermind (author)  KentsOkay7 years ago
Oh, I did not make the avatar though
I have come to that discovery...
Nevermind (author)  KentsOkay7 years ago
You read my orangeboard I take it....
Just a little...

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You probably want to upload an image to your profile. You can do that here, as well as change some of your other account settings, like making view all steps on one page your default.

After that, check out How to make a great Instructable, The Guided Tour of Instructables, and the Help Group if you have any questions.
wow, it seems like you got greetings from all the regulars on instructables in one day! glad you like my ible!
Nevermind (author)  AnarchistAsian7 years ago
Haha, that was thanks to gmjhowe