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  • Perfect Citrus Segments (Using Science!)

    Watched a TV programme about making canned mandarin oranges recently. They were suspiciously very cagey about the pith stripping process and on checking it seems they use sodium hydroxide solution aka caustic soda or drain cleaner! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME-VERY DANGEROUS. There is a move to switch to pectinase commercially but it cost a lot more.

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  • Nick Hale commented on aglepetsos01's instructable Homemade Pontoon Boat2 days ago
    Homemade Pontoon Boat

    Wow I can't believe how hard you guys have it in The Land of the Free to build a boat and get it on the water. Here in the UK you can build anything you like and put it on the sea or a lake or river or canal no questions asked. You do have to have a licence to use canals and some rivers and annoyingly for canals the annual fee goes from a few £'s per annum with paddles to over a 100 if you put a trolling motor on your craft. Re waterproofing I built a boat to an American designer's plans and on his recommendation proofed with Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue (ebay) followed by two coats of floor varnish. (sorry about font from cut and paste!)

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  • Nick Hale commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Unusual Uses for WD-406 months ago
    Unusual Uses for WD-40

    Not really. it's the phosphoric acid in coke that does the trick. If it were carbonic acid, soda water would work just as well-it doesn't. Incidentally weak oxalic acid (as found in rhubarb leaves) works even better because it chelates (binds) the iron. Downside is that it is poisonous so handle with care.

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  • Nick Hale commented on Henk Rijckaert's instructable The Zipper Alarm1 year ago
    The Zipper Alarm

    I'd like a voice warning "The cage is open but the beast is asleep!

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