• Insulated Earthbag Foundations for Yurts

    Owen, I've been reading over your articles and the are great. My girlfriend and I are thinking about getting a yurt this year and using this foundation with a variation then next year building a second story roundhouse with it. We don't want to pour concrete and are interested in using a pallet floor instead.. I am just not sure exactly how to go about this. Would you place the pallets so that the tops are flush with the highest level of earth bag then build the yurt sub floor on that. or would you fill with scoria flush to the level of the earthbags and install the pallet floor on top? In that case would the pallet floor with floorboards become the yurt sub floor as well? And what about insulation in the pallet floor, more scoria or foam or other? If another type of insulation in between the pallets would you need to use scoria beneath them? Thanks

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  • NickB142 commented on Owen Geiger's instructable Earthbag Water Tanks6 months ago
    Earthbag Water Tanks

    My girlfriend and I currently live in a dry cabin and we very interested in this to either collect water or have it delivered or both. However, we live near Homer Alaska.. It is a temperate coastal climate but it can get into the negatives for periods of time in the winter. I know if the tank is full it would take quite some time for such a large volume of water to freeze. The pipes are the biggest issue an would need proper insulation but I still have worries about cracking problems. Some people I know do run a lightbulb inside an 1.5" foam board insulated shed around a plastic water tank and they haven't had any issues so far with freezing. I like the idea of it but I'm not sure if it would be a wise solution for us. Any insight you have would be appreciated!

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