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macmaniac6 years ago
You might be already aware of this, but here in the UK Nick Griffin is the leader of the British National Party, a racist and altogether evil organisation. I feel sorry for you, sharing his name :P
NickGriffin (author)  macmaniac6 years ago
I feel sorry for your implied interest in Macintosh computers in your name. Who cares (and I am fully aware of the UK 's Nick Griffin-I am of British Blood meself).
Ah right, it's a sad thing that the man has got so much attention tbh... I also pity myself for the name, that was chosen a long time ago, and I have moved on from there. I do still like macs but now I'm a Linux user through and through.
NickGriffin (author)  macmaniac6 years ago
Heh, OK-I shouldn't have made the comment about your name, either-I get a lot of flack about my name-taint my choice-mum gave it to me 54 years ago...well before the rather disgusting Welshman burst onto the scene. :-)

I admit, I have ribbed me Uncle Gordon Brown for his name, as well. Course there is no connection there, either.

A large amount of fans of Instructables seem to be a little less adult in the worldly ways-heh-Just the surname of Griffin brings comments about Peter Griffin, the cartoon character, Kathy Griffin, the rather outspoken Comedienne, and Nick Griffin who is a Comedian as well. I suppose I should change it here to my new surname, Miller, which would probably only bring out comments about beer or something. Can't win!

Glad you are interested in creative things-I will have to look-see if you have any instructables. I planned to upload a few of my own, but some of the people can be rather harsh. My most recent non-electronic thing was building me own greenhouse (I am using it for the first year now).

Take good care!
lol, I don't mind about the name, it really is quite an embarassment. My sole instructable is pretty awful but there are a few projects I'm working on at the minute such as building and Electric Double Bass and I've also made a couple of iPod cases out of fused plastic bags and old t-shirts - both of these I hope to Instructablise.

I wouldn't be bothered about people being too critical about your instructables, if you make a good one there should be little to criticise and from what I've seen in the past 4 years the people who criticise others' Instructables tend to be illiterate 13 year olds who have no instructables of their own :P Although no doubt you'd have to endure some comments on it about your name again...

It'd be nice to see an instructable on your greenhouse - just one tip from my own personal experience of what's good on here - good photography is key to a good Instructable.

Have fun,
Jamie (My real name :P)