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Hey, who is this?
I think he just wants to join every single group
hmmm...... well, don't worry! I can stop this madness! Meh.... I'll just let him join every group, that'd be cool......
Niflheimr (author)  T3h_Muffinator9 years ago
No, i didn't join every group. im the pres or an officer of several clubs at my school, which i think have much to gain from utilizing some of these instructables. If i joined a group, its cause it was 12 AM, was scanning through all almost 600 groups, and saw something that interested me in a quick scan of your page. ill probably leaves ones which do all the same things, and maybe join more.
hmm... in that case, wanna make a "School" group, with instructables that can be used to better the school/educate?
Niflheimr (author)  T3h_Muffinator9 years ago
i would if i thought any of the things i seek were to be used to educate. the 2 main clubs im looking for are a science club and an environmental club. the science club is pretty much dead and i hope to revitalize it with some interesting projects and competitions. for the environmental club, im looking for solar powered and environmentally friendly projects. if you think this qualifies, id be happy to start one, but so far, all i am looking for already has its own group.