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  • NihilFB commented on ericsnis's instructable Size Markings for Wrenches and Sockets3 months ago
    Size Markings for Wrenches and Sockets

    Excellent idea - I will give that a go with the socket set first because that's the one I find I have to peer at in order to see which size it is.

    We use coloured LX tape around tool handles backstage so that all of the techs can keep track of the spanners, screwdrivers, hammers, wire-cutters, whatever.

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  • NihilFB commented on darthwolf's instructable Etching glass with a rotary tool7 months ago
    Etching glass with a rotary tool

    You only need to adapt your starting image with such curves if the sides of the glass that you're engraving are not parallel (hence using a correction angle that matches the slant of the glass).I usually engrave images onto cylindrical glasses or cuboid flasks - the parallel sides mean no need to adjust your template (other than scaling)!(Nice 'ible though darthwolf!)

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