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  • NikolaS35 commented on tttapa's instructable Custom Arduino MIDI Controller1 year ago
    Custom Arduino MIDI Controller

    Hi i want to make a controller following this guide and using mega 2560 with 16u2. Its first time I got in contact with arduino and I have no idea about coding. So,Can I just use MIDI_Controller Uno Digital script and change the number of analog and digital inputs (I'll use 12 analog and about 30 digital) on lines 10 and 12? Should I also add something on lines 19, 25, 30 and further down the code?

    I'm looking at a file from step 9. I saw few more down in comments but I don't know which is the latest one.Also, is it possible to test the sketch without flashing hiduino firmware using some software like midiyoke i hairless or something like that, also connecting just one or two pots and buttons? Just to see if it will work before spending more money on pots and buttons

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