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  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor with LCD and Arduino

    ohh nevermind,I download your whole sketch from github and it doesnt have any faults,waht went wrong there? At first I just copy pasted the code,no problem then,I have one question though,you say you used an arduino nano,but in the pictures and in the schematic you seem to use an arduino leonardo pro micro?

    Hi! What version od arduino IDE did you use? your code doesnt seem to work,there a lot of exit status 1expected unqualified-id before '<' tokensince I have never programmed before in c++ (thats what arduino uses right?) the only experience I have is in computercraft in minecraft,and its very diffrent,anyways,in your code there are a lot of faults,and I dont know what wrong,the libraries? or the version,I want to use an arduino leonardo pro mini clone,but the problem is in the code you have any fix for this? I searched the internet but they say its something that you didnt close or something like that but there dont seem to be any faults in my view......Hope you understand me,I comment in a nice and informative way,I dont want to put hate on you.

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