• How to make a GSM Location Tracker with the AdaFruit FONA and Arduino

    Yes i did input each command in cool-term and no errors has appeared to me except the last step. and the carrier is not blocking my device. so what do you think the problem is ?

    What i mean by the last step is the fifth step of your instructable .. All the commands in the first , second and third step worked fine with me i got all the responses Ok and the GPS long and lat. I am from Kuwait and using Ooredoo GPRS service (APN is action.ooredoo.com) with FONA 808 board and have tried making a phone call and send/receive sms messages and it worked like a charm i also tried establishing a UDP connection using the tcp applications command sheet and it also worked ! Well i had a problem when making a GET request after intitating the http and entering the command at+httppara"cid",1 it used to respond with at+httpara=b instead of OK i tried setting the url first ! then the http parameters and i think it worked since at+httppara"cid",1 responded with OK after that. Then i had and error in the serial monitor after uploading Fona_location.ino file to the Arduino. What should i do to make it work and send the location to the sparkfun data stream that I created ? I really appreciate that you're trying to help me Thank you so much !

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