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  • NormanE commented on mikeasaurus's instructable 5 Ways to Remove a Stripped Screw3 months ago
    5 Ways to Remove a Stripped Screw

    A lot of great ideas here, thanks everyone. Here are a few I have used:I have sometimes had success by setting the torque at a low level on my cordless drill. Because of the vibration it can free the screw. I set it on 3 then on 5 then seven and so on. I have sometimes put a centre punch right in the centre of the head and given it a good wack with a hammer a few times, I Have heated a steel rod up to a bright red and pressed it against the screw head and had success.

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  • Let's go fly a kite... with an Arduino on it!

    Great idea. I have a Uno for which I bought a zif socket and put it in the socket the chip goes in. That way I can put a new chip in and program it and then just put it in my project. That way I can soon modify the code if I want to change it. Of course I can play with it in my Uno and get it right first anyway :-)

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