• Add buttons to your X52-Pro Joystick with an Arduino Micro

    IF YOU WERE DEFERRED FROM THIS PROJECT DUE TO THE LEVEL OF EXPERTISE:Go out and get a USB joystick with a stick full of buttons, think logitech's 20-30 button is $15-25, and take it apart paying close attention to the driver board (I would leave everything internal-wise connected). I grabbed a project box from radio shack and just mounted the usb board and wires inside. I used the x y and z axis for pitch trim, roll trim and yaw trim. I used the multitude of buttons to make a complete cesena lighting and radio control panel with flaps and gear.. also If you really know your stuff (basic electronics because up until now anyone can do what I've already mentioned), you can use LED and simple logic circuits to detect signals being sent from your control interface that could let you know if the landing gear is up for example.I also made one for war thunder to control my tank rangefinder and barrel angle adjustment

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