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phevtron5 years ago
dear nurdrage
ive got some problems.
im new at chemistry so i would like to ask a really silly question
a boiling flask or any other glass container ( made for boiling) will brake if i put it on my stove? if yes what can i do about it?
Yes it will break if you put it on the stove. Solution: Don't put it on the stove use a water bath or an oil bath. If you're dealing with danger and have any sick feelings...your feelings are correct. Science is fun when respected and deadly when not.
Coolsauce bazalaz4 months ago


Whats the fastest and cheapest way to produce hydrogen? Right now I'm using sodium bi-sulfate and iron but its very slow, takes a few days to fill a Gatorade bottle.

I recall seeing nurd rages video for how to make it he shows different ways to make hydrogen its only 2 ways but you should check out his videos on youtube

a really fast method is aluminum foil and diluted hydrochloric acid (liquid pool acidifier) NOTE: DILUTED! though this doesn't produce chlorine gas if the acid is to concentrated you'll end up with boiling HCl.

Boiling hot acid accompanied by an acid steam is as bad if not worse than chlorine gas. So don't try it unless you're have experience handling acids.

A good test:

What is the difference between a strong acid and a concentrated acid?
Thanks for the help and I don't know the answer to that.
strong acids like HCl ionize completely when in water
> HCl => H+ & Cl-

weak acids don't ionize completely

concentration is just a measure of purity (or lack thereof)

as a side note all acids and bases are only such when dissolved in water
for an example refer to nurdrage's nitric acid instructable.

Science is just awsome! no?
Science is my life man!
Coolsauce4 months ago

i wanna know what you can do with liquid nitrogen. what im hoping for if nurdrage can do a video on some tricks for liquid nitrogen.

chaoui221 year ago

hello sir please th formula of strppers gold SG-9

Awesome Instructables!!

wow you are on instructables and youtube
mgilbert7544 years ago
I have a waste solution of potassium dichromate (with some in the trivalent Cr state as well) and sulfuric acid. I want to reformulate and precipitate potassium dichromate.
Any ideas? mgilbert@caisc.com . THANKS
cucolea5 years ago
very nice tutorial . I have some questions:
How can i test if my ammonium nitrate fertiliser its good enough to make sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate?(it was delivered with no info and in a normal bag without no brand name)
How can i purify my ammonium nitrate fertiliser without using methanol(rare and expensive in my country)?