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Ghasteqs2 years ago
Any chance you could re-upload the pimped MLCAD set-up anywhere?
Thanks for subscribing bro, it means a lot!
No problem. I don't know why I wasn't already.
No biggie. =D
Hey oblivitus I love your guns but I can't build most of them because I have very few pieces are any of your guns good for a knex war that are relatively low piece?
Oblivitus (author)  jaffawarrior13 years ago
My best war guns in order from best to worst are my UP3, UP2, Beast Pistol, and Pocket Rifle. But if you wanted an all shotgun battle (don't try to pit my shotguns against the guns I just listed because they will lose from range alone), you could also build my Mag Fed Shotgun 2 and my SLIM- Knex Shotgun. The Mag Fed Shotgun 2 does take a lot of pieces though so 2 SLIM's might be entertaining for a shotgun battle.
JonnyBGood3 years ago
Do you have any measurements of knex pieces? Like the smaller features of them? I was wanting to make a Autodesk Inventor assembly of knex for future projects. I don't have a dial caliber to measure the smaller knex features with, so I was wondering if you had any measurements from your program?
Oblivitus (author)  JonnyBGood3 years ago
Well I just checked the program and found some measurements but I can't quite make sense of them. One of the numbers seems to be spot on when I checked the part with a ruler but the other numbers seem totally random. This is what it says for a 180 degree connector: Metric (cm) Width .99, Depth 5.96, Height 3.72. The 3.72 is the one accurate measurement that I found on the part. Here's a link to download the program if you'd like to try to figure it out yourself: http://mlcad.lm-software.com/d_default.htm I found those numbers under Extras: Reports: Dimensions.
Alright Thanks!
Sharir17013 years ago
hey!! you got a haircut!! nice new look...
Oblivitus (author)  Sharir17013 years ago
Thanks. Yeah, long hair was a pain to maintain. Kept ripping out in the comb.
lol yeah i know i had long hair about 5 years ago too, longer than yours.
Oblivitus (author)  Sharir17013 years ago
Oh really?
yeah lol. in the end i had to cut it off though because i had lice (when i was 10). i did grow it for 4 years though with only one haircut in that time, and not a substantial one. lol, i would never go back to having long hair. it was just a faze.
Oblivitus (author)  Sharir17013 years ago
Yeah, I'm liking the short hair for sure. Much less work and much less annoying.