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mad_mat1 year ago

Wish you'd fix the pictures man! Turns a great instuctable into a waste.

OhMike (author) 5 years ago
Changed screen name to OhMike (Ohio Mike)... leaving The Savvy Tech to my industry website and who it truly represents... techs all over the country).

I will be using http://iMehrle.com soon for the instructional videos on my personal website.
I find it odd that your project' is being attacked by people that know better.
Your science is sound and proven every day by the solar industry that sells air to air heat exchangers all over the world every day.
The next negative comment you receive, simply ask them to go to their nearest solar dealer and ask to see an air to air heat exchanger, then get back to you.

It's an awesome 'ible!!!

My only question is how wide is the flashing you used? Around here we can get 4" to 12" rolls.

Since my wife works for a sheet metal company, I can get sheets of metal. 1/4" expanded metal in 4X8 sheets makes an excellent medium for increasing the amount of surface to collect the heat. Paint it flat black and place it an inch or so in from of your dark surface to allow light to shine through and air to circulate.

Life is good My Friend and I'm looking forward to your next 'bile.
OhMike (author)  GrumpyOldGoat5 years ago
Thank you... I have decided to not take it personal but a learning platform on how to deal with "some" people.

usually they are a pretty nice bunch, but something in their bottled water seems to have caused a minor correction in their, previously unflawed, logic and reasoning.
Don't let them bother or offend you.

Another idea for your panels....

I don't know for sure, but I think the front layer on the LCD, Plasma and LCD TV screens are fresnel lenses.

If you can raid the junk pile of a tv repair guy somewhere you might snag one and try it on your panels to see if the concentrated light would increase the temperature throughput.
OhMike (author)  GrumpyOldGoat5 years ago
Pretty good idea... I'll see if I can find one... Craigs List has things people give away... maybe someone will have a broken one.
Dr.Bill5 years ago
Your solar heater looks simple enough to build, however, I live Hawai'i and need something like this to cool my home.

Any ideas ?

Oh, I gave you 5 stars.
OhMike (author)  Dr.Bill5 years ago
Thank you... nothing this simple... however, there are ways. Stay tuned! And thanks for the rating.
OhMike (author) 5 years ago
Can't wait to get started... Glad I found this website!!!