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Dec. 21, 2015
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  • Ollek74 commented on Sardau's instructable Build a 30$ laser Scanner10 months ago
    Build a 30$ laser Scanner

    Hi there,first of all, thanks for the nice instructions 8-) I built a different structure but with the same setup, two lasers and a camera+turntable, all controlled by an Arduino. Now I try to use the Sardauscan software+firmware for scanning.I encountered an akward problem that hasn't been answerd before;I use your firmware on a Arduino Leonardo, which is on COM 9 on my system. When I use the serial monitor of the Arduino IDE, everything works really well. The "sardauscan" command, switching the lasers on and off, all works as expected, the turntable turns smoothly and accurately. All good.When using the Sardauscan Software on my Win7/64bit system, I cannot connect the lasers and the turnable to the software. Sardauscan enumerates my Arduino on COM9, but when I select it, the "OK" Button is greyed out (see image).What I have tried so far:- Running Sardauscan in WinXP/SP3 compatibility modeI'd also like to test on a 32bit system, but I have none.Do you have any idea what might be the problem here ? Thanks again for your time, I appreciate it.best regards,Ollek

    Hi again,thanks for your support, I already checked ddifferent baudrates, that wasn't the problem.The problem was actually caused by my Leonardo, I've just tried a different board (Arduino UNO) and it works ! A search on the internet revealed, Arduino Leonardo handles serial communication differently, and has a little different hardware.So, Sardauscan does not seem to be compatible with Arduino Leonardo boards....live and learn....8-))thanks and bye,Ollek

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