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July 29, 2016
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  • How to Add an Air Receiver Tank for More Compressor Capacity

    On youtube theres a video explaining this way better. Increasing air compressor storage cheap and safe is the video. It would be more safe to add a tee on the reserve tank hole and add another saftey valve. The other side air hose in. Just get the same p.s.i. on the new saftey valve as the original compressor your using. In my case im using an old compressor tank i have 2 holes. One is air in on the other hole a tee, a saftey valve and ill use the p.s.i gauge from the old compressor. Im gonna use a better hose to.

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  • How to Add an Air Receiver Tank for More Compressor Capacity

    Im using a 8 gallon oil husky and a 11 gallon old cambell compressor tank. It has 2 1/2 ports one in one out. I could plug one side but these are not good instructions or pictures. I could do like the picture except put a tee on the reserve tank or a hose in and my line coming out the other port. This stuff is dangerous i need to do more research. This was not helpful.

    Yeah what about not having a saftey valve. I dont understand the instructions dont make sence.

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