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gaudig7 years ago
Hi OracsRevenge! Could you give us more details on the 433MHz kill switch? I only know those for 110 or 220 volts. Thanks a lot!
OracsRevenge (author)  gaudig7 years ago
That was fast! Thanks a lot! Warm regards from Germany
kasman7 years ago
hello oracsRevenge, i really interested about your Rc Truck Robot Conversion. i'm a new guy on this robotic field. maybe you can help me. i want to know the block and detail circuit diagrams from you project if u have it. regards, hanif
OracsRevenge (author)  kasman7 years ago
Hi, I have no circuit diagrams at all for this. The Sabertooth controller manual is downloadable from their website. The SSC32 controller also has the manual on their website, the rest is just the laptop and the power connectors to the 3 units. Once you read the manuals, you will see that they hook up very simply to the laptop via serial port or rs232 to serial conveter (if the laptop has no COM ports). Good luck Pete
waterppk8 years ago
Yeah, nothing but the best in the dorms at UW Madison :P

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