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HatemKSaied6 months ago

I liked your informative answer so much, shown here:


Do you write books teaching how to think about each electronic component in the same way that you were detailing your answer on that topic, so we can buy and learn?

talsayed2 years ago

How can amplify a car battery 12Vdc to 20Vdc ??

I want to hooked it up to a load cell 1000 lbf

iceng3 years ago
Hi from another EE

I liked your answer to the death wish magnetic cannon :-)
Orngrimm (author)  iceng3 years ago
Well.. Someone asking how to charge a cap is no good sign to me if he does that in a thread about a coilgun...
It is like someone wanting to do a Wilhelm Tell-shot (The apple on the head) and asking just beforehand which way he shall hold the bow... Geees...
Such questions give me the shivers...

I expect some injuries there in the next time...