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  • OskarC5 commented on comsa42's instructable DIY Electric Longboard for $3001 year ago
    DIY Electric Longboard for $300

    Maybe. If the motor provides enough torque and the ESC is strong enough (between 120A and 150A) you will be fine. The motor's kv (RPM) should roughly be between 200kv and 300kv. With a brushed motor you do not have brakes though!!

    If you buy two motors you also have to buy another ESC and battery!

    I bought a 120A - it works fine. You have to get a big (high amps) since you need it for the torque. The motor may cause the ESC to frie if you buy a smaller one...

    Yes. Almost any motor from the Turnigy SK3 series is great! As long as the kv (RPM) is between 200 and 300. This is 260 so it will work great.

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