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Puddock3 years ago
Awesome guns!
Owenmon (author) 4 years ago
guess waht im making a new gun but this is my last one im done with airsoftknexgunsandpaintball :/
Owenmon (author)  The Jamalam4 years ago
lol i lied
CraigDH4 years ago
is your justin beiber group a joke?
Owenmon (author)  CraigDH4 years ago
why would it be
iamcohen4 years ago
Hello Owenmon

I built one of your guns:

I was wondering if you could help with a problem i am having, when i pull the trigger it only moves about a milimeter, and the only way i can fire it is to press the yellow and Y clip parts were the bullet locks in (Photo Below). Any suggestions??
Also i did super glue the blue rod and orange conector together, lol

P.S. Thanks for reading. :D
Owenmon (author)  iamcohen4 years ago
did you tape the blue rod? the mech is high above the trigger so it tends to break if you dont tape/super glue it. im going to be posting another sniper with the same srv2 mech for christmas hope it works!
Dirtyboyy5 years ago
did you see my new rifle ?
Owenmon (author)  Dirtyboyy5 years ago
no not yet
rrr675 years ago
i luv all ur guns but i hav a question about ur pieces. do u build each gun seperately or do you have enough pieces 2 have them all @ once?
Owenmon (author)  rrr675 years ago
idk sometimes i have a lot of them at once i wouldn't worry about piece shortage. i have more then enough for all of my weapons but not all in one color scheme i have like 3/4 metallic and the other 1/4 regular.
Jesus.5 years ago
!luos ruoy tae og