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  • PHOTOM commented on randofo's instructable Secret Drawer Lock1 year ago
    Secret Drawer Lock

    You can use an old hard drive magnet they will lift ten pounds or more...

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  • PHOTOM commented on tomatoskins's instructable Bolts in a Bottle1 year ago
    Bolts in a Bottle

    I Like the inside work with the wires as tools... How about using longer bolts more believable with magnetized manipulating wire like tools? Then you can use larger bottles and make it more impossible to figure out like the expandable ships in a bottle. who would know without thinking outside the bottle to create inside...

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  • PHOTOM commented on watchmeflyy's instructable Cloak of Wings1 year ago
    Cloak of Wings

    I think you have the wingz to fly...I photograph girlz and paint wings on them in will give them phizicalL wingz... That iz peerfakt...

    This is from long long ago...

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