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Camisado7 years ago
Yo PKT, we didn't talk in quite a while, what's up? My war veteran grand uncle just taught me some military CQC, and boy I gotta tell you, it's effective. Heck it's become my main form of fighting, I used to fight rashly like an average street fighter, albeit a little better, what with my martial arts training and all, but dude, you should really study this fighting style. How's it going with the Khukri?
PKTraceur (author)  Camisado7 years ago
What style is it?

I REALLY want to learn Krav Maga, and I found a new friend who does tae kwon do, he wants to fight. (Practicing of course...:)

I received a kukri from my grandfather.


If you find any vids on that mil. CQC, or Krav Maga etc, send me it!!!
What style? Defendu.

Krav Maga is a lot like traditional Eskrima, I used to practice both. The only difference is Eskrima is more focused on flashy strikes (well, not flashy, but besides kicking the opponent's arse, it's also focused on making you look good) while Krav Maga is pure tactical fighting.

I'm glad to hear you got your weapon of choice.

I know lots of CQC vids. I'll send you the links in a PM.
PKTraceur (author)  Camisado7 years ago
Well, i wouldnt call it my weapon of choice. It sure as hell could split two skulls in one strike, but its size and leather case make it heavy, as well as hard to quickdraw. It would be good if you already had it drawn, or if I made a special case. The handle also has this little diamond of wood covered in sheet metal, about in inch out. So you might not even have to take it out of the case, just club some people until you can get it out.

I think KA-BAR makes a smaller one, but my gradnfathers is India made. (I think. he was also a war vet)
Sounds awesome and powerful, but not tactical. KA-BAR Khukris are excellent, but I like Cold Steel's version more, just a matter of personal preference. Indian made huh? Sounds cool, good for you!
bkreed7 years ago
Thanks for all of the applause!
PKTraceur (author)  StupidInventions7 years ago
Your welcome! You have great ible's/vids/slideshows. -PKT
thanks! expect a lot more to come over the summer! please subscribe via instructables or youtube...
bkreed7 years ago
Haiiii PKT!!!!
PKTraceur (author)  bkreed7 years ago
goeon7 years ago
goeon7 years ago
you made my topten
PKTraceur (author)  goeon7 years ago
Aight, cool. Who else is on the list? -PKT
goeon PKTraceur7 years ago
1.Dj radio 2.littlechef37 3.PKTraceur 4.Gmjhowe 5.Owen-mon-82397 6.RocketScientest2015 7.Lithium Rain 8.derin 9. 10.