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  • PamC52 commented on spydyr's instructable A simple Flea solution1 year ago
    A simple Flea solution

    Thanks for this tip. I believe I can buy the Boric Acid you're talking about at my Dollar Tree store here in town.

    I mix half table salt and half baking soda and put in a large shaker like you see the pizza joints use for red pepper flakes. I put down a small, shallow dish, like a plant saucer, filled it 2/3's full with water, added a good squirt of Dawn dishsoap, then put a lamp over it. The first night, within hours, I had 4 fleas in the dish. The next day, I emptied it, refilled it, and had 6 drowned fleas. Tonight I had 9! I have vacuumed once a day every day for three days. I dumped and refilled the dish. I just have one flea tonight. I gave both of my cats a bath in white vinegar and Dawn dishsoap, scrubbing good around their neck, where I can feel it is crusty. Cats have not been digging since their bath 3 1/2 hours ago.

    I'm just going to put it along the baseboards and in the corners of the room, where my pets don't walk.

    Yep! I used a plastic plant saucer, water, Dawn dishsoap, and a lamp. Set it all on the floor. Works like a charm. Should I move the saucer around the room? or just leave it in one place and let the fleas find it?

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