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  • Rideable Segway Clone - Low Cost and Easy Build

    Hi ihart! Finally the new Sabertooth worked fine. Also I found out that inside the method named read_accel_gyro there is a part that is problematic. // while (!mpuInterrupt && fifoCount < packetSize) { ///// Comm3nt3d by Pb // }This causes the buffer overruns and the FIFO overflow errors. If you comment it, it will work as a charm!Also I do have a question to pose! When I am pressing the deadman switch my seagway goes straight (but not that straight cause obviously i didn't manage to align well the wheels I guess). How should i artificially fix this using a variable by good old trial and error ?Thanks!pb

    Yup thats what i did.i used 582 or sth and now it goes straight!I also increased the #define ACCEL_GAIN 25.0 (it does much faster now i like it)Its decent I ll post a video tomorrow.The only things i 'm trying to fine tune is 1) some small trembling issue (probably due to the gyrometer inputs)and 2) sometimes i find it not as responsive (sensitive as I would like to the angle i am giving). For example i am going straight and then i stop and try to reverse immediately. Looks like there is slow response to my reverse... I know there are a lot of parameters.I ll look more into the code.Its nice.ThanksPanos

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