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megdiggle7 years ago
Will using the paint remover and sanding technique together be enough to remove paint with small rusty spots? I have a Galaxy Flyer from the 1970's and I really would like to repaint it.
hey i was wondering what kind of bike that was as well as the brand of rims. I looks like a triumph
Panda Face (author)  l0n3lyisland7 years ago
It's a Cannondale Track and the rims are Velocity Deep V's.
saephan8 years ago
i was wondering where can i buy the paint remover and whats it call. can i get it at a auto shop like kragen. lastly your tip is a little hard for me to follow. i ned help with the lettering and painting part like the coloring clothing and primer and the part bout sanding it everytime u prime it or color coat it.

thanks you very much how you can return my message.
Dr.Paj saephan8 years ago
For lettering, I bet you can buy some stickers that you can either
A.) Paint over and then peel off if it is almost like a stencil
B.) Paint the bike, apply stickers, then clear coat.

If you want an automotive smooth paint job on your bike you will want to sand your primer with 1k+ paper (wet/dry) until it is incredibly smooth them apply paint and use about a 2k grit paper lightly and in one direction (no swirling) for each color or once the bike is fully painted. Once you clear coat (4 coats with spray paint, 1-2 coats with automotive) you can either leave it as is or lightly sand it with 2k grit paper.

Good luck.

For more help go to this guy...AirbrushTricks and look at his ultimate case painting guides for professional looking paint jobs (you don't have to use an airbrush).
Panda Face (author)  saephan8 years ago
The paint remover is called Jasco, you can find it at any hardware store. Probably at Kragen too. I'm not sure how to help with the rest of your question. If you have a specific issue feel free to ask.