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Draco455 months ago

hi I just want to say thank you for showing how to make some cool things paracord and I also look forward in seeing what you come up with next
Thanks Draco

Thank you for following me! :)

Paravival (author)  lindarose921 year ago
Thank you for following me!!!!
bigf00ted11 year ago
Thank you very much for posting these. I'm looking at a new craft project to start and I think I found it. Approximately how long does it take you to complete a bracelet? I realize each one is probably different. I'm specifically looking at the quick release and the cobra stitch. Thanks again!
Paravival (author)  bigf00ted11 year ago
Your first couple of times it could take you anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour! But after a few times you can get it down to about 10-15 minutes maybe even less.

Good luck!
Halphinian2 years ago
do you know any more weaves?:-)
Paravival (author)  Halphinian2 years ago
Haha. I plan on putting a ton of different weaves. Figured I'd get all of the Solomon bar stuff out of the way.

Do you want to see something in particular? Or just pointing out that I've done a bunch of cobra braiding haha!

freeza362 years ago
Did you catch the fish on your profile picture?
Paravival (author)  freeza362 years ago
Sadly I did not. I was on a party cruise off the coast of Aruba and the captain, some Venezuelan dude, just put a hook on a spool of wire and attached a drumstick of chicken on it. Proceeded to through all the scraps, and leftovers overboard and threw the hooked chicken directly into all the scrap. Then reeled this thing in with his hands. It was an awesome site.

He had to jump onto a dingy cause it was pulling him so much. Some sort of snapper. Easily 100 + pounds

But no I wish I caught it.

And I also played lacrosse all my life, and recently stopped after college.

My 2 friends I played with play on the Rochester Rattlers!

Awesome. I love to fish, but im pretty bad at it. I have mabe a.... 6 pound rainbow under my belt? Haha. Ive played lax for like 5 years. I love it. What position did you play?
Paravival (author)  freeza362 years ago
Nice yea I have a house on a lake so I do a lotta fishing myself. Love it.

I played attack my entire life. Was all state in NH. Never got further than that but I loved putting the ball in the net I'll tell you that much!!! haha

I can see you are a defender. haha dam 6 foot metal shafts. Shit hurts.
It sure does. I play LSM occasionally... while im waiting for my (3rd quarter) time to shine.
Paravival (author)  freeza362 years ago
haha verryy nice.

Ya lacrosse really fun.
It sure is.