• How to change startup programs Windows 7

    Using the System Configuration utilityWindows XPStart the System Configuration utility by clicking on Start » Run.In the Run window, type msconfig and then click OKThe System Configuration Utility window should now appear. Click on the Startup tab.This is a list of every program that starts when Windows is loaded. To disable a program, simply un-check the box next to it. If you are unsure if a program should be disabled, please either look it up on Process Library.com or contact the Help Desk for assistance (See Get Help from DoIT).When you are done, click OK to apply the changes. After you click OK, click on Restart when asked about restarting your computer.http://www.ieenews.com/change-startup-programs-win...After your computer has restarted and you have logged back in, check the box next to Don't show this message or launch the System Configuration Utility when Windows starts and then click OK.

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  • How to fix 100% disk usage for Windows 8.1

    found a solution from another website, it's simple:From the Windows Menu, go to Settings, then go to System and then go to Notifications and Actions. Turn off "Show Me Tips About Windows". That's it. It takes maybe a minute or two to lower the disk usage and I would recommend ending any process in task manager that's making the disk usage go up in the meantime. Usage percentage should go down and stay around 1-2%.orOpen up a run dialog by holding down the Windows Key and pressing R. In the "Open" field, enter "services.msc". Look for "Windows Search" and "Superfetch."Go to each of these entries. Right click on one and select "Properties." In the dropdown box labeled "Startup type," choose Disabled. After leaving the properties window, press "Stop" in the upper left corner. Do this for both.

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