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  • Router Table Fine Tune Depth Adjustment for $5

    An additional, free, benefit of this set-up -- assuming you used a 3/8-16 bolt, which would be standard -- is that each turn of your knob moves your router 1/16 inch, or each quarter turn moves it 1/64", for easy, rather precise, depth adjustments. I rather like your idea for the linkage as well. Is there a particular reason for the Jenga block, or is that just your thing?

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  • The Very Rigid $45 Eight Foot Workbench

    By the way, you really should be able to get full 8' 2x4s (which are usually about 1/8-1/4" longer than 8'). I've found, at some "home centers," the pre-cut studs (which is what you bought) are easier to find, and frequently the associates don't know any different, or tell you 94-5/8" is 8', and sometimes they are on good sale, but if you do need 8', you should be able to get them.

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