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NachoMahma7 years ago
. This is turning into quite a hiatus. Last post on Oct 19, 2008. 11:27 AM. Come back, Patrik. We miss you.
sammyb8 years ago
What happened to you Patrik, you used to be cool.
You seem to be featuring a lot now a days....

Haha, I'm all over your orangeboard.
Patrik (author)  GorillazMiko8 years ago
Yeah, I've been digging into some of the older instructables, from 2-3 years ago. There's some really nice stuff in there, but they've been "under-featured" so far. Heck, I don't think they even had a "feature" feature at that time. I do try to restrain myself though - I'm aiming to feature no more than one old instructable for every new one, and I sometimes scan several pages before I find an oldie that catches my attention.
Heh, yeah, I noticed some were from 2006 and stuff. You're one of those persons that can feature Instructables, like Brennn10 and Kiteman, am I right?
Patrik (author)  GorillazMiko8 years ago
Recently annointed, so I'm still basking in my newfound power. Muahaha!
how can you feature instructables??? sowwy :/
maker12 Patrik8 years ago
sweet man I,m not using my big lettering because it is annoying
You were recently asked to have the power!??!?!
You look nothing like you do in your image!
Patrik (author)  GorillazMiko8 years ago
Well, look who's talking! ;-) Yeah, that caricature is ancient by now. I'm really attached to it though, not because it shows my in my youthful glory (ahem...), but because it's so beautifully done. I had it made near Montmartre in Paris, and I must have hit upon one of the local artistic geniuses. He whipped out a charcoal sketch in what seemed like 10 minutes or so. It doesn't show as well on this scale, but his technique is really amazing. Much of the shading, for example, like at the eyebrows and cheeks, is just one deft stroke of a charcoal stick... I've had a few other caricatures done by street artists since, but none that comes even close to this one. So until I find a worthy successor I'm stuck with this one! :-) Anyway - if I had trimmed my beard I'm sure you would have seen the resemblance. It was great meeting you and your folks at the HQ - what a place, eh? How did your parents feel about you meeting a bunch of strangers from a website? Somewhere between creeped out and hopeful that their son would pursue a career in engineering? ;-)
Nah, they were very proud of me.

It was nice meeting you too, at first I was like "Oh, Patrick, okay, this is just some random guy..."...
But then I remembered the resistor forum topic and everything, and my mind started spinning at 360 degrees at over 60mph, and then BAM! I remembered everything, so I was like ooooooooh. The Patrik with a K (as in without the C).

Heh. Did you guys buy those T-shirts?

That was so awesome how they gave me those stickers.
Patrik (author)  GorillazMiko8 years ago
Yeah, I have a suspicion that I'll find a robot sticker on every street corner, next time I'm in the LA area! :-D
I'm not sure if I'm doing that.... I might frame the sheets. Seriously.