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  • Hotel Cooking (or how to NOT empty your wallet eating out)

    I always keep aluminum foil, zip lock bags & small collapseable containers in my suit case. I put Left over chicken parm with 2 sm. Slices of Italian bread in the foil - wrapped it and put the iron on each side to heat for my husband. Next, I made a pouch with the foil & added gargle shrimp w/angle hair pasta. I left the iron on the foil pouch. We had another night of fantastic Italian food. While driving home the next day I took out the 2 small container that I had left over antipasto. When my husband pull over to refill the gas tank & use the rest room we parked & had the left over salad. This held us until we got home. Try it - a little unconventional but it saved us money & it worked. Happy eating.

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