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    Coil Gun Projectiles

    Three unrelated questions: 1) What about using a neodymium magnet as a projectile and reversing the current direction when the magnet gets close to the center to change the pull to a push?2) Should the shaft be ferromagnetic or diamagnetic?3) What about having one long coil that is at voltage with no ground and changing the ground point as the projectile moves through the coil? The center would be further away at the launch point and be reduced to 0 at the exit, but it would always be in front of the projectile. If a sliding contact were used there would be very little electronics needed, although construction would be difficult and there could be some rail forces to contend with. (Good or bad???) Optical sensors would require a series of high current switches to progressively change the ground points. The censors and final ground point would be placed so it starts and turns off at the optimal points for the start and exit. The current would be constant so there wouldn't be any need for capacitors. Thoughts. LOVED this post. Thanks!

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