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  • PaulL196 commented on gigafide's instructable How To Make A Backlit Keyboard1 year ago
    How To Make A Backlit Keyboard

    this is all far too complicated. Most people only ever succeed in replacing 98% of removed from a keyboard, or 25% if they own a mac. Don't do it. Fly to Canada, dig up a few gallons of radium paint and take it from there. Personally, I prefer LED panels fitted to the laptop bezel and powered by a cable which runs down the inside of the screen housing, and soldered to the terninals of the speakers via a couple of diodes. Really helps me type when listening to heavy metal. (the radium paint thing is a joke. Dont go to Canada, you'll die. )

    I have a Asus G73 HJ ROG running OSX Mountain Lion. the backlite keyboard has of course lost its software control. Im going to solve with hard wiring. Then Im going to paint it white. Has anyone got a spare MacBook Pro label?

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