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  • Use Arduino to Communicate with Tracer MT5 Charge Controller

    "exact same sketch" but of course changed SoftwareSerial myserial to (17,16) ! :)

    I made it, but it doesn't work. :(I use controller Tracer 2210 -> works fineI use Arduino Mega, serial 2 (17=RX, 16=TX)I use the exact same sketch from here above.After I sent the initialisation strings, I do get a response from the controller that I can see on my osciloscope. I've put a "schmitt trigger" in front of the RX pin so that I get nice 5V pulses on pin 17.On my serial, I see nothing but ZERO's (except the temperature which is -30)Baud rates are both set to 9600I tried 15 and 14 as RX and TX, but the same result.When I try another baud rate , I don't get nothing back from the charger.I tried without the schmitt trigger : same result (pulses are only 3V)What did I do wrong ?

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  • PaulVdB commented on braulio777's instructable Arduino Logic Probe8 months ago
    Arduino Logic Probe

    The test probe is connected to GND ???

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