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Did you seriously leave a comment at 3:50 AM?! I just checked my responses and saw yours above mine. I might just have been a time zone thing.
Pazzerz (author)  M4industries7 years ago
Probably more like 5:50am. Where are you at??
The East Coast, but,nevertheless, you still get up a good three hours before me!
Pazzerz (author)  M4industries7 years ago
I probably get up before most people, like at 4 am, into work by 5:30 and out from work by 2pm. I avoid the worst of the traffic and have less time to have to put up with the VP of imagineering. Its a win-win situation for me!
Im not old enough to work yet, but that sounds cool to sacrifice an hour of sleep to get home at 2 PM. It would be cooler if schools did that!
Pazzerz (author)  M4industries7 years ago
I have the advantage that I don't have to be there during a set time frame, or 'core hours'. I don't have to deal with the public and I've kept my production up so that I'm probably about 6 months ahead of any schedule they can come up with.