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  • Percy70 commented on Natalina's instructable Build a Soundproof Wall2 years ago
    Build a Soundproof Wall

    Thanks so much for responding. Could I ask what type of windows you applied it to? And how did you do that DIY? What's the process?

    Thank you for the excellent, informative article!! I was wondering though if anyone has advice for windows. We'd spent the money to buy 'Soundproof Windows' and they don't work. Any advice would be appreciated. We live near a park that plays music and the low frequencies are awful.

    Thank you for all of the great info! We have external windows already and in addition bought the supposed Soundproof Windows. Unfortunately they were a waste. Having the windows at slightly different angles is something I've never read anywhere else but makes sense. I'll have to look into the thickness of windows available (and what we can afford, lol).

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