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Oblivitus6 years ago
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Perfect Duck (author) 7 years ago
This was originally going to be a reply for Knexarmageddon, but I'm going to share this with everyone. It's a gun concept I've had for a while. I've heard a lot of comments by people who do not have any black chain-link pieces at all who say they wish there was a machine gun that didn't need them. I experimented with ferris wheels (wish I still had the prototype to show a picture - right as I was working on it, Trainman unveiled his VORTEX which was essentially the same plan and I lost interest) and I am quite convinced that it's possible to make it into a holdable weapon. The idea is a medium-large sized ferris wheel, probably no wider than two red rods accross that would be loaded with as many small barrels per inch possible. This circular wheel o' barrels would all rotate past a trigger-flipper. The difficult part is the rotational movement, which needs to overcome the resistance of flipping the triggers and to happen without the axis breaking under the weight (must be well-mounted) and without twisting too hard (even black rods have their torque limits). My IDEA, and you might be able to build on this, was for the wheel to hang low and unpowered, while higher up, the gun rotates the wheel by a system of pegs (like how 2 white connectors with 8 white rods on each can actually work as gears to turn each other). I really haven't the time anymore to do any massive projects like this, so I'll let anyone interested have the concept. Consider it a challenge?
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Can I put this on my Knex Concepts instructable? You will receive full credit of course.! for you i will work on it.
If the horizontal gear is too low, the motor would have huge torque, and if too high, the distance between the pegs of the vertical gear would be too far :/ And the ferris wheel would be huge!!
bakenbitz6 years ago
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