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  • Beginners Guide to Connecting Your RC Plane Electronic Parts

    Nearly forgot, one has to run in the opposite direction !

    I have a somewhat unusual use, and need help to modify the wiring for this use. I am planning to use a brushless motor for my Nerf guns, i have hi-power 18650 (30A continuous) and wish to control the speed via a pot - can i do this directly or do i need some form of signal conditioner - is it pwm, anologue or something else.... Am not familiar with the wiring i/o on them so very interested. motor is a RCer BL4-15-2 currently using rhinos, run around 40-45Krpm . load would not be great, so hoping i can push to 45,000 - about 11.6V. I need to run 2 of these, the are flywheel motors, looking at possibly 2 sets - are there any high speed RC motors, say, 60-80,000 RPM ?? (set 1 30-35K, set 2 60-70K )Any help greatfully accepted...

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