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May 17, 2010
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  • How to make a CNC Router from a Radial Arm Saw

    Okay, nice. Your mill was sold by Grizzly, but it's one of the more common benchtop mills out there. One of the earliest - possibly the original, I don't know - of that type was called the RF-30, made by a Taiwanese company called Rong-Fu. Look around on Google for Rong-Fu RF-30 CNC conversion kit. You'll find plenty of stuff available to buy off the shelf, or you can find the plans and make the mechanical parts yourself and buy all the electronics.It's really a pretty easy conversion to do.

    If you have a mill already, you do NOT want to do it this way. The cuttin forces that you're going to see are going to be far, far more substantial and you'll stall out these drivers and motors the very instant the first flute of a cutter touches metal. What model grizzly do you have? There are conversion kits and detailed DIY plans available for almost any Grizzly product you're likely to ever buy.

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