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    Year Old Carpet Stains GONE

    You are not right, urinecdoes leave the body t about 6.0 pH, however as bacteria break it down, to get an ammonia odor, because that is part of the nitrogen cycle, nitrogen's become nitrates, nitrates become nitrites, nitrites become ammonia. Ammonia has about a pH of 13-14. It does irreversible damage to the colors in the carpet yarn in about 4 days.You have to flush out the urine by hiring a professional, not just from the carpet, but also the pad. In extreme cases, the pad needs to be replaced in areas of extreme contamination. No matter what you pour on urine stains, to have not removed them. They have to be removed. Citric acid is a preferred method, less odor or acetic acid (vinegar) is the preferred rinse agent to bring materials at a pH of 13+ back to a neutral pH of 7.0.Enzymatic cleaners also work, because they break down the odor causing bacteria.Genisis 950 is just copy and paste spam marketing.

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