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canucksgirl4 years ago
Hi Pfarmkid,

I just answered your question about wood projects and thought I would look at your profile page. I see that you haven't posted a good picture for your profile, or written very much about yourself. Are you planning to write any instructables? I hope that you make something with the suggestions given to you and write about it for all of us to see. :)
Pfarmkid (author)  canucksgirl4 years ago
Yeah maybe sometime but I really liked your pallet idea my family runs a greenhouse operation and get soil and such on pallets so I asked my dad for some and he said no because anything I make with a pallet would be ugly
Don't let him discourage you. Maybe look for old and beaten up pallets that aren't otherwise usable anymore?

Sorry for a very late comment,
Well that is unfortunate. There are a number of really great looking things that can be made with a pallet. I guess your dad just doesn't have the same imagination as some people...

Here are some pictures of what people have made with pallets. Maybe you can share the images with him so that he would understand. As far as making yourself a work bench, I would simply say to him that it doesn't have to look pretty, it has to function well... (big difference). :)

Bottom line is, pallet wood is just wood. Once you take it apart, you can make nearly anything that you'd make with any other kind of wood.
65231894572220226_Gi4nsrxI_c.jpgwood_pallet_shelf_unit.jpg0127-new wd.jpgDIY-raised-bed-garden.jpgimages-27.jpegpallet-wood-entertainment-center--UDUwMC0yMDAyMi44Mzk4MQ==.jpg
Pfarmkid (author)  canucksgirl4 years ago
i don't really need a workbench i have 3 or 4 already
Well I wasn't sure (I don't have one...), but you can easily make stuff with pallet wood. Maybe you could use a storage box for some things in your room, or a book shelf. People have made headboards for their beds with pallet wood and I saw a go-kart made with it too. It's just wood, so if your dad won't let you have some, maybe you can get a store to give you one, then make something that looks good and show your dad that its a good idea to let you try.

I'll make you a deal. If you can make something and post an instructable about it, I'll give you 1 year pro membership. I've earned quite a bit already, and I'll give you a year, no strings attached. You just have to make an instructable. :)
Pfarmkid (author)  canucksgirl4 years ago
With a pallet or without
Your choice.
Pfarmkid (author)  canucksgirl4 years ago
thank you so much!!!
No problem. Just message me when you have it done (no rush), and I'll send you the codes you'll need. :)
Pfarmkid (author) 4 years ago
thank you so much!!!