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  • Phasmatrope commented on Maria Finn's instructable How to Harvest Kombu1 year ago
    How to Harvest Kombu

    Hi guys!! Sorry for the belated Comment/question, but how should one safely clean/sterilize the seaweed after you catch it?? Just rinse it in cold/warm/boiling tap water? Let it soak in vinegar? (which I hear is good for cleaning traditional produce of pesticides and the like; I don't know about seaweed though) Maybe I'm overthinking things, but 've heard about harmful bacteria in the ocean, from the red tide etc (and some of the worse food poisoning I've come down with was from eating bad seafood), and was actually thinking of trying to ferment the seaweed afterwards/make it into a kraut or kimchi (so obviously I'm leery about fermenting it --and potentially growing MORE bacteria-- if there's potentially already bad bacteria in there).Thanks!!

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