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June 10, 2016
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  • PhiDeck commented on ClanMan's instructable Solar Water Heater for Pool4 months ago
    Solar Water Heater for Pool

    1) Unclear if there is a (one-way) check-valve after your filter, to prevent backflushing when the solar panels drain.2) The type of valves you used will become very stiff with time. Better to use Jandy valves (including check-valve).3) A 3 port diverter valve should be used to optionally send water to the solar panels. It can be motorized with a standard valve actuator.4) Standard white PVC must be painted (white/light latex) to resist UV light.5) A pressure gauge after the filter will allow you to determine optimal flow through solar panels (<4 psi rise when flow diverted to solar).6) 90 degree elbows cause turbulent flow. Using two 45 elbows, separated by at least 4 pipe diameters, makes flow more laminar. Turbulance = pressure drop. The higher the pressure drop in the system, the more motor horsepower required to achieve desired flow.

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