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Can anyone help me with how to repair the wire on the water meter used to read the amount of water usage 3 years ago our water was turned off and they placed gravel in the outside ground meter because of tampering, I let someone cut the wire on the meter inside the house to avoid any reading, I want to have it repaired because they want to read the meter even though it's cut off. I can shut off the meter in the ground, but the wire can it be possible to repair. ?

Aubrienna9 months ago

Hi! I like the old CD scale project you posted. Might I just say:

299 Instructables! WOW! That is really cool. I hope someday I post that many. I'm afraid I'd run out of idea's first!

Phil B (author)  Aubrienna9 months ago
Thank you. I use that CD postal scale fairly often, and it is much more trustworthy than the spring operated scale we once purchased. When I began I knew I would not have ideas for even 25 Instructables. 299 is a surprise to me, too. Thank you for looking.

I lost the website with the solution to this ring puzzle, have you ever done one like it?? I know how to separate the rings (2 middle ones) but sure cannot figure how to get them off. I can also get one ring to the top bar but not any further. I use to get my dad these kinds of puzzles many many yrs ago....oh my gosh after 9yrs I just got one ring offf. But now have a ring wrapped around the middle ones see third photo....

Phil B (author)  sandi.emery1 year ago

I found your puzzle at Amazon as a Four Ring Puzzle. I looked at YouTube for a solution to the puzzle. This is about as close as I came. I expect the principle is the same.


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Phil B (author)  mian shahbaz ahmad1 year ago
Instructables allows subscribers, like herself, to follow the submissions of other members. Once that meant followers received a notice whenever the ne followed submitted a new Instructable. Now there are no notices of new submissions. I have learned simply to check the recent Instructables and look at those I think might be interesting.
bbob72 years ago
I had a NordicTrack skier and the skis became warped over time. Does anyone make these skis-not from NordicTrak because the wood comes from China now...It seems like someone out there would be willing to cut a piece of redwood to fit these machines and make some money...
Phil B (author)  bbob72 years ago

I just noticed your inquiry. I do not remember if you posted it on my community post and I responded to it there. Wood will always move and change with humidity changes. The key is to balance stresses in a piece of wood with the stresses in another piece of wood. That means gluing up narrower strips of wood to achieve the width of the skis, but turning alternating pieces so the rings on one piece are up, the next piece down, then up, and so on. Doing this requires careful use of a hand plane or access to a joiner. I once did an Instructable on joining boards for gluing by using a drum sander. A router table can be used for this too. Basically, the wood moves between a fence and the spinning sanding drum or router bit. That reproduces the straight edge of the long fence on the pieces of wood for a nearly invisible joint.

ebony 42 years ago
hi i have a 30 year plus japanes floor jack 3 ton , 2 ball fell out , could you please tell me where they came from the check or overload valve and how they go in thanks ps can send picture if like
Bill WW4 years ago
Greetings from 100 miles up I-5.

I too have retired after about 40 years. Need to learn to weld and buy a welder, then our workshops will be similar.

Olympia WA
Phil B (author)  Bill WW4 years ago

I probably should have taken a welding course at a community college or something similar, but there is also no reason why a new welder cannot learn on his own. Many have. Just do not weld anything on which people's lives depend until you know what you are doing.

A welder always looks like a big expense you will not use much and can forego, but once you have one, you will wonder how you ever got along without one and why you waited so long to buy one. The wire feed welders are especially easy to use, especially if most of your welding will be more like tack welds in specific spots on small things rather than running a long bead.

I thought the wire feed welder I bought could be fitted for gas shielding, but I was confused by the almost identical model number of a similar welder and later discovered it can use flux core wire only. I felt a little regret until I had the opportunity to use my son-in-law's big MIG welder on a log splitter project. I think I really prefer my flux core machine. Everything had to be just right on the MIG or it would spit and pop, but the flux core just digs right through a less than perfect surface on metal.

I doubt that I will get to Olympia very often. My wife was raised in Salem, OR and she still has family there, so our travels will likely be south rather than north. It is good to hear from you. Watch Tool King in Denver on the web. My wire feed welder came from them as a factory refurbished unit at a much lower price.

iceng4 years ago
Thanks for posting, Here is mine over the week end, It really works !

Iv never been in this position before.

What are the rules on asking you permission to post my copy of your Ladder easier to move ible ?

I would certainly give ample credit to your inventive skill
This was a first project that I made without ever leaving my workshop,
all the materials were at hand :)

If you say NO then I will not post.

Your ible is way better than some of us deserve! After reading some of the comments, I think my first rule of soldering is to make sure item under test is not under power. My second rule is to ensure that all parts to be soldered are clean. Third is making a good mechanical connection if possible. Fourth rule is use the proper flux, and solder for the job. Fifth rule apply the proper amount of heat. Usually this involves available heat plus time heat is applied. Also one could employ heat sinks, buy em or make em. Have a nice day.
Phil B (author)  GyroGearLoose474 years ago
I am not sure I know for certain to which Instructable you refer. Could it be this one? http://www.instructables.com/id/Auto-battery-charger-for-6-or-12-volt-sytems/

Thank you.