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  • smart patient monitoring system using Arduino or raspberry pi

    Thanks for sharing all information clearly and full appreciation for a great job well done. I am in the process developing an eHealth product. I have purchased last month CH's eHealth kit that comes with 10 sensors, but without BP monitor as they ran out of stock. It is still not available. Please advise any other BP sensor with some serial output that can be purchased locally that will still work with sensor board (and your code). You have mentioned the price is $180 for the entire kit which includes Arduino and shield. But I had to pay Euros 377 excluding 88 for shipping. It costed me $410 which is more than double of your price. Where from you bought the sensors ? Please let me know as I have to buy a couple of kits now. Appreciate immediate response.

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  • PhmohanM followed rajasekher.mutukuri2 years ago