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  • PhyllisH7 commented on solobo's instructable $1 Fix for Saggy Couch Cushions1 year ago
    $1 Fix for Saggy Couch Cushions

    For seat cushions if have a zipper pull out the cushion, or carefully use a seam ripper and pull the thread off at the seam on the back cushion. Take out the cushion and either use an old quilt, blanket, or buy some flat batting (which I prefer) and wrap around the cushion cutting off the excess (hold it in place by sewing or a little duct tape, insert in pillow casing (with sewing or duct tape at bottom holding it together) insert it into the pillow casing and sew or use safety pins if you can't sew, or zip if lucky enough to have a zipper. You will have fluffy pillows again, and nobody sees the back of the cushion anyway...

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