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The Jamalam6 years ago
Hey mate, hows things?
Trogador6 years ago
Did you ever get around to making that knex strat :O
KnexFreek6 years ago
Thanks for the sub!
Hey Bob

I was just wondering whats up with the new rating system. is it out of 10?
bob... As i explained, lol, my name isn't bob, it's eric.
Ok Bob
.... just call me bob, I Iguess.
ok eric.
ok bob
Horray for bob!!!
You'll always be Bob to me :-)
he's spongebob to me
Hey I saw the photo of the guitar you made on http://www.instructables.com/id/Build-Your-Own-Electric-Guitar!/ would it be ok if I used it for the Gallery on my website? (www.instantguitarist.com)?

How long did it take to build? And what's the biggest thing you learned through the process of building it?
knexsniper17 years ago
hi! your guns are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! im just wondering, i built your sniper, and it only shot like 30 feet. no matter how many rubberbands i put on it. then it got so hard to pull back. it broke a lot of my pieces, and i was a little dissapointed. don't take me the wrong way, your guns are great, but is there anyreason that i may have been having this problem? i built if exactly like you did, so im not sure what the problem is. reply back soon!